How to use the Rest PayPhone Api?

The PayPhone api rest is the next level in the integration of our system with the different websites, apps and platforms, which need to make payments quickly and securely. In this article we will explore all the steps to make the api fully functional.

We recommend that you first learn about the PayPhone payment process. In this article you can check how PayPhone works and make the payment flow clearer.

To implement our api you must meet certain requirements which we divide into two categories: Commercial Requirements y Development Requirements.

Business Requirements:

  • The shop that is going to receive the payments has to be registered in PayPhone as an enabled shop. To initiate the registration as a store you can do the following click here.
  • With the shop active and ready to transact, you must create a user of the type "developer". At this article we teach you how to create your user.

Development Requirements:

  • PayPhone provides you with a complete development environment for you to implement the api and have control of all your settings. Before you start you need to prepare the platform for your application. Go to click here to know how to make the preparation.
  • Finally, you must obtain your authentication token, with which you can identify yourself to our services and add the respective security to the process. At this article we show you how to get the token.

(If you are a public company please contact to certify the process before going into production).

Implementation of the Api:

Perfect, if you already understand how PayPhone works and have all the requirements ready we can start the implementation. The PayPhone Rest Api consists of 6 methods that will allow you to complete the whole transaction flow. The platform where we have documented the api is called swagger, there are the query models, response, data type and the option to test online from it. Here's how to use it.

Here we present the flow of query methods and their respective articles so you can review them, remember that for any query you must provide your authentication token in the header of the call in a field of type "Authorization" with content "Bearer TUTOKEN":

Regions Method: Allows you to check the countries where PayPhone is available. Read more

Users Method: This verifies whether a user is already registered with PayPhone. Read more.

Sale Method: This is the most important one, with this we send the payment request to the customers and check the status of the transaction. Read more.

Method Cancel: With this you cancel the collection request sent to customers. Read more

Anull Method: Used in case customers want to reverse the transaction. Read more.

Reverse Method: With this method you can automatically reverse transactions in case your platform does not confirm a value or the payment needs to be reversed for security reasons. Read more

You can check the Api responses in our catalogue of errors.



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      Good morning Henry, it is necessary to verify if the user you are using (Ruc and email) is created in your PayPhone Business. You can validate directly with our support channel on our website: or on our facebook 🙂

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