How to use the Woocommerce plugin?

PayPhone has a plug in for WordPress platforms through woocommerce which is responsible for requesting payments to customers, process them and deposit the money into the bank account of the establishment in the fastest and safest way.

We recommend that you first learn about the PayPhone payment process. In this article you can check how PayPhone works and make the payment flow clearer.

To implement the plug in you must meet certain requirements which we divide into two categories: Commercial Requirements y Development Requirements.

Business Requirements:

  • The shop that is going to receive the payments has to be registered in PayPhone as an enabled shop. To initiate the registration as a store you can do the following click here.
  • With the shop active and ready to transact, you must create a user of the type "developer". At this article we teach you how to create your user.

Development Requirements:

  • To install the plug in you have to configure your platform so that the wordpress page connects correctly to PayPhone. Before you start you must prepare the platform for your application. Go to click here to know how to make the preparation.
  • Finally, you must obtain your authentication token, with which you can identify yourself to our services and add the respective security to the process. At this article the way to obtain the token is found.

(If you are a public company please contact to certify the process before going into production).

Integration of the plug in:

Perfect, if you already understand how PayPhone works and have all the requirements ready we can start the integration. Go in WordPress to the plug ins section, then to "Add new"and search for the PayPhone plugin.

To set up your button you must provide the token obtained, go into the PayPhone settings in the plugins section and enter the token obtained:

Note: The field StoreID (Store ID) is empty, it is only entered when different shops or branches are managed, if different branches are not used it is left empty.

If you operate branches enter the Sotre ID this is obtained from the PayPhone Developer websitein the company application section, column Actions, List of shops. If you do not manage branches, leave the field empty.

Remember to configure your woocommerce shop so that the charge is according to your billing type, that you have configured the VAT or 0% rate according to the requirements of your company.

Finally, configure the pages to which PayPhone should go when the payment is successful or rejected:

After saving the changes your plugin will be ready to trade.


  1. What does this mean? Your application is not authorised to access this resource. Check that the token is copied correctly or which resources your type of application can access.

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hello Diego, thank you for your comment. This error occurs when your establishment does not have all the active services, the solution is to send an email to to verify the permits, however, I will refer your case to the technical area for help with your case.


  2. I have my wordpress site already configured with s2Member and PayPal. How can I deactivate the PayPal payment and automatically show the PayPhone payment option?

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Andres, you can run it from the woocommerce payment settings. It will ask you to enable or disable your payment methods.


  3. Hi, when I make the transaction it doesn't take me to the woocommerce predefined thank you page, how do I set that up?

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Santiago, Thank you for your comment, you can configure the response page from the PayPhone plugin settings panel, you can select a response page for approved payments and another for rejected payments.

      If you have any questions, you can write to us at


  4. Hello, good evening,
    I try to activate the payphone payment option and I can not do it, when I clicked on save in woocommerce generates the following error and I have no idea what it is. Please if you can help me thank you very much.

    Error: Response URL:
    Warning: array_map(): Argument #2 should be an array in /usr/home/ on line 65 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/ on line 325

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hello Luis good morning, that warning is given by a configuration of multiple woocommerce plugin, however, does not prevent your token has been saved and you can transact without problem. Can you tell me if you managed to save the token? If you like you can write to us at to verify everything.

      Best regards.

  5. Hi I am in test mode, I set the plugin to go to a certain page when the transaction is successful. but when I accept the transaction on the mobile it redirects me to a page where it says "It seems that this page does not exist.". and the url is "".

    Why do I have this problem, a setting is missing?

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comment. Please check that your permalinks are set to "Post Name" or "Post Name", this way woocommerce will redirect to your page.


  6. I get the following error when saving changes to payments
    Response URL:

    Warning: array_map(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, bool given in /home/customer/www/ on line 65

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/customer/www/ on line 325
    Saving changes

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Carlos, thank you very much for your comment, what you say is not an error, it is a warning about an integration in woocommerce plugin itself, which does not influence anything behavior. You can charge without problem.


  7. Hi I am in test mode, I set the plugin to go to a certain page when the transaction is successful, but it redirects me to a page where it says "It seems that this page does not exist.". and the url is "".
    I want to point out that I migrated hosting and changed to, but in response URL does not appear the prefix Index.php.
    I install and reinstaor, empty cache, create a new app in the developer with another token and when I download the plugin again I keep the previous token with the URL response without the index.php, I do not know if I would have to delete data (I do not know which) payphone or what is the solution to display the URL response with the prefix index.php

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Andres, thanks for your comment. The first thing you should check is that if you create a new application on the developers site, you should update the token in your plugin settings. Secondly check that the response url is the same as the one given to you by PayPhone in the plugin settings at the top, and lastly check that your permalinks are set as the post name.

      We are here to serve you 🙂

  8. Alex

    I am creating the application to link it to WP and get the token but I get that the application already exists.

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Alex, thanks for your comment. Try changing the name of the application to a more specific one. If you have any questions, please write to us at


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