Preparing the development environment - PayPhone Developer

Setting up the development environment allows you to have full control over the transactions made through PayPhone. Please follow the steps below:

1. Log in as a developer

Log in to the page and log in with your developer user credentials (Ruc, email and password).

2. Create PayPhone Application:

PayPhone development applications allow you to configure your development parameters, such as platform, permissions or test users, and help you obtain your authentication credentials such as the token.

To create your application click on the "+"from the top:

A form will open for you to fill in; if your implementation is a payment button or a plug-in, pay close attention to the following fields:

  • Web domain: The url that will connect to the PayPhone button, if another url accesses the button, it will not authorise it.
  • Response URL: This is the url where you will receive the response of the transaction made with the PayPhone button (if you use a plugin, the module settings will show you the response url).

If you use the api rest, these fields are configured directly in the api settings.

Finally, select your application type:

  • Api: For rest api consumption and access to the methods: exit, annul, cancel, reverse, users and regions.
  • Web: For use of the payment button, payment link and access methods: button, links and reverse.

Press Save

You can now get your authentication token


  1. Oscar

    Good morning ( or afternoon...), I am finalizing an application for a company based in a PayPhone acceptable nation, they have expressed willingness to use their platform and now I am exploring the specifications. I am stuck on the part that says "If you use the rest api, these fields are configured directly in the api settings. I have chosen the option 'Android' in "Platform Development" and 'Api' in "Type of application" but it keeps asking me for "Web Domain" and "Response Url" (also the blessed "Image"), which is strange because it is not a web application but a mobile application. As far as I understand it, if I can't create the application I can't generate the token. Thank you for your help and guidance.

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Good morning Oscar, thank you very much for your comment, indeed when your type of application is Api neither the web domain nor the url of response are necessary, we will take into account your comment to improve the platform. For the moment you can configure the url https://localhost/ in the web domain and https:/localhost/response.php in the response url so you can create your application and get the token without any problem.


  2. christian andres tigre

    What is the link/url to the production and test environment api, I can't find it.

    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi Andres, in PayPhone we don't have different urls depending on the environment, what you have to do is configure your application in the PAyPhone Developer page to connect to a test processor or to a real one in Production. In both environments you use the same url and token.


    1. PayPhone Editor

      Good morning, thank you for your comment. The response url is the address of your page to which the payment button should return after getting a response from the bank. I recommend that you create this page and put the url in the settings.

      If you use the woocommerce plugin, the response url is available at the top of the plugin settings.

      If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Happy New Year!

  3. B "H

    Good afternoon,

    We have integrated the payment button in our application but despite everything when redirecting to the link that it generates it tells us that the page does not exist, could you help us with this?


    1. PayPhone Editor

      Hi José, thanks for your comment, we would have to check the method you are using, and the way you are redirecting, if you like send us an email to with the details and we will be happy to support your case.


  4. Greetings, is it possible to generate payment links if I don't have a website to make payments through an app or chat Bot.

  5. xavier castle

    Greetings, today I had problems adding the application, since the error was repeated 3 times, then I could already create it, but when I search for it to get the token, it appears as if nothing had been created.

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